The 6 Week Metabolic Makeover 

Our Award-Winning Signature Weight Loss Program

Winner of the area's best weight loss program every year since 1994! Let us show you how you can eat more than you ever though you could, exercise less than you ever thought you should, and lose more fat that you ever thought you would. All by following the your own personalized weight loss and exercise manual.

Every plan is different because each one is based on the participant's unique metabolic rate and food preferences. And every plan is guaranteed to work for exactly the same reasons.

The 6 Week NEW Body Workshop

The Nutrition and Exercise Workshop

Our NEWBody Plan is designed to guide you through the process of developing a life long healthy nutrition and exercise plan. More than just weight loss diet, this series of nutritional seminars and one on one exercise routine orientation sessions will teach you how to use the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of exercise and nutrition to lower your cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, blood pressure, inflammation, reduce or eliminate GERD, improve sleep and mood. We'll give you all the information and support you need to lose 2 - 4 pounds per week the right way and keep it off for good. This program can be done one on one or in a small group setting. 

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